Maasai Mara, Kenya

A location linked with Africa to be a place where you metaphorically and almost physically trip over wildlife. We were fortunate enough to travel there at the end of 2016. Certainly out of the high season but given the ever changing weather systems and the late rains no-one mentioned that to the animals. The plains were scattered with Wildebeeste that would have been expected to have long migrated by now.

It’s a beautiful location, endless skies, towering clouds that were a prelude to the daily ‘short’ rains and flat lands as far as the eye can see with lone acacia trees peppering the horizon.

I’ve posted some pictures on my Flickr site, that is linked to this website, of the wildlife that we saw, but I wanted to give a feeling of the wide open space, the skies and the grandeur of how I saw one small area of The Maasai Mara.